Houston Concierge Association

Qualifications for Membership


Full Member

  • Must have served for six consecutive months in the conciergerie of a hotel with a desk located in the lobby
  • Must be sponsored by a qualified Full Member in letterform
  • Employment must be verified
  • Must have attended two general business meetings
  • Must have completed Membership Application
  • Membership fee is due at the time of submitting application 

Associate Member

This is a category reserved for Concierge who do not necessarily work in a hotel and/or desks that are not located in a hotel lobby.  Included here are Hotel Guest Service Managers, Operation Managers, VIP Floor Concierge, Corporate Concierge and Residential Concierge.   


Affiliate Members

This is a category reserved for individuals outside the Concierge profession that could be beneficial to the Association.  Membership is limited to one representative per company and one company per field for one year.  Affiliate Members must reapply yearly for membership by November 1st.  Inquiring applicants will be kept on file for consideration until November. 

  • Must be in business for a minimum of three continuous years in Houston
  • Meet all city requirements with respect to licenses, permits and insurance
  • Must be of good moral character
  • Must have the endorsement of two general members in good standing

Cultural Partners
This is a category reserved for representatives of the arts, attractions, destinations, sights, and sporting venues.  Membership is limited to one representative per company.

PLEASE EMAIL US AT: membership@houstonconcierge.org

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